How to fix Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War error code 3107840166

It’s a graphical problem.

Image via Activision

Not every game goes off without a hitch, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is no different. Several players have encountered cross-play problems, and some have issues attempting to connect with a specific host when trying to play a game online. Another problem happening to Cold War players on PC is seeing error code 3107840166.

When you encounter the code, it automatically forces the user to exit the application. The Cold War game goes down, and you’re back to trying to boot it up again. The issue primarily happens because the user does not have the correct drivers, and something is not up to date. The first thing you need to is check your drivers and ensure all of them are working fine. It will vary on the type of graphics card you have, but they typically run routine updates. Do a manual check, and then try to relaunch Cold War.

If you continue to encounter this issue, other PC players have been about to work around it by lowering their graphics. Your best bet is to go into the game settings in the main menu, going down to the next notch underneath your current settings, and then playing the game for a few hours. If you crash again, go down another full graphics setting and see if things start to smooth out. Overall, it appears lowering your game’s settings appear to be the best solution.

Many players hope the error code becomes a fix Activision rolls out with. It has something to do with how demanding the game files are, potentially causing graphics cards not to operate effectively.

Throughout the process of encountering error code 3107840166, make sure to submit your issues to Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War support team so they can become aware of the issue.