How to fix error 4004 in Final Fantasy XIV

There’s been a few problems with the queue.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You might find yourself encountering several issues if you’ve been attempting to log in to Final Fantasy XIV. These problems can consist of having trouble with the game’s launcher, connecting to the server, or you might encounter internet issues while related to the game. For those experiencing error 4004, that particular problem is a bit easier to understand and what you need to solve it.

Unfortunately, it has everything to do with time. When you receive error 4004, it’s typically associated with the character selection screen while you’re waiting for the queue. Because of the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion, multiple players have been trying to log into the game simultaneously, leading to congested queue times, with some locations reaching nearly 6,000 and above.

When you receive the 4004 error, your connection to the login management server has gone on for too long, forcing your game to close out. Even if you’re at the keyboard, waiting for the screen to let you into Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll have to restart your launcher and return to the game. Unlike Error 2002, we don’t know if you’ll be able to rejoin and have your place in the queue or not. Square Enix has been trying to turn this error off because of the massive queue times occurring with Endwalker.