How to fix Error Code 19 in Valorant

If turning the game on and off again doesn’t fix Error Code 19, try these options instead.

Image via Riot

As is common with most live service online multiplayer games of its type, Valorant has its own litany of puzzling connectivity issues for you to potentially encounter as you try to connect to the game’s servers. While their descriptions can often be vague and difficult to understand, their fixes, especially in the case of Error Code 19, are usually very simple.

Fixing Error Code 19 (VAL 19)

Valorant import export crosshair settings using code
Image via Riot Games

Error Code 19, otherwise known as VAL 19, is rather vague in its own explanation, warning you about little more than “an error connecting to the platform.” Riot recommends that the easiest way to solve this issue is just by restarting your game client, hoping that closing and reopening Valorant will be enough to solve the issue. However, VAL 19 can often persist between launches, meaning that you’ll often need to try other fixes to get past it.

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Your best approach in this situation is to go a step above restarting the game client, instead restarting Riot Games’ software client as well. VAL 19 can often occur when files in the Riot client are found to be out-of-date. Upon restarting the client, it will check for updates and install any files that you happen to be behind on.

Another short-term solution to VAL 19 includes rebooting your PC, which offers the added benefit of playing Valorant on a fresh boot on top of restarting the Riot client to check for updates. Alternatively, an inconsistent internet connection when launching Valorant can cause VAL 19 to occur. Of course, the client’s update process will require stable and steady internet throughout, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the error in the event that you are both offline and using out-of-date software.

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