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How to fix error code 201_003 in Fall Guys

The error has been plaguing Fall Guys' servers lately.

Fall Guys has seen a massive influx of new players after the game went free-to-play on all platforms. The party game, which initially got overwhelming reception during the start of the pandemic, is expected to see a sharp rise in the player base again. That said, it’s not all smooth sailing for the game as there are errors and bugs present that players may face occasionally. One of these errors is the error code 201_003, which might prevent players from entering the game. If you are one of the unfortunate ones to face the error, try the methods mentioned below to fix the issue.

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How to resolve error code 201_003 in Fall Guys

Unfortunately, the exact reason behind the error is not apparent. However, this has already been acknowledged by the developers, and the issue should hopefully be resolved within the subsequent few patches. In the meantime, you can try the fixes mentioned below:

Verifying file integrity

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There is a possibility that the game files might be corrupted, ultimately causing the error. If you are playing on a PC, you can verify file integrity which will check and resolve corrupted files. Here is how to do it.

  • Launch Epic Games, followed by opening the Library.
  • Select Fall Guys and click on three dots on the bottom of the game’s icon.
  • Select the “Verify” option.

Restart the game

Since the error occurs in random sessions, simply restarting the game might do the trick. While this is not a method that will yield guaranteed results, it is certainly worth trying. Additionally, you could also try restarting your PC as it will reset the entire system.

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Close background applications

Background applications often reduce a game’s efficiency while it’s running. Hence, it’s best to end all background applications that are not in use as they might be clogging the RAM, resulting in the error. Discord (if not being used actively), Google Chrome, Spotify, and the Steam client are some of the applications that are generally running in the background, so make sure to close them all.

In conclusion, there is no guaranteed way of resolving the error at this point. Fortunately, the developers have addressed the issue, so we should be getting a definitive fix in the upcoming patch.

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