How to fix Fortnite voice chat not working

It’s annoying.

One of the more annoying recurring bugs in Fortnite is the voice chat issue, where from time to time it will simply stop working. The exact reason why is hard to figure out, and it is something Epic has been unable to completely solve. The good news is that lots of community members out there have found various methods of fixing the problem, so in this article, we will run through some of them.

For Xbox One and PlayStation 4

For users of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 who are affected by this issue, Youtuber Kolonise has a quick and easy solution for you. First, check your audio settings and make sure that Voice Chat is on, Voice Chat Method is open mic, Voice Channel is Party, and Voice Chat Notifications are on.

Now, create a party, and set your Voice chat to off, and save the changes. Leave the party, go back to the audio settings menu and set Voice Chat to on again, and the issue should be resolved?

Why? We have no idea, but it certainly seems to work.


On PC, things can be a little more complicated. The first thing to do is simply restart the game to see if that solves the problem. If not, open your Sound Settings through Windows and make sure that your headset and mic are correct set up under the Input and Output options. The easiest way to get to the sound settings is to right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of the desktop.

Ensure your audio settings are correctly set up in the game, as these can occasionally be changed around by updates. Up next, make sure your copy of Fortnite is up to date and install any required updates. This shouldn’t really be an issue for most people, only those who have turned off auto-updates.