How to Fix Getting Stuck Under the Map in Palworld

It’s not hard to get stuck under the map in Palworld, but, luckily, there’s a fix to help players avoid losing all their items and gear.

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No game is immune from bugs and glitches, and those with massive open worlds are even more likely to have them simply due to their sheer size. That’s why it’s so infuriating when players get stuck under the map in Palworld and die when their stamina runs out.

There’s nothing worse than exploring an amazing open world in a game and falling through the floor into an abyss. The best-case scenario is that the fall kills the player character and causes them to respawn where they dropped. However, in Palworld’s case, this can lead to an arduous trek to gear, so it’s better to be able to fix getting stuck under the map, but that’s almost impossible unless players know what to look for immediately after falling into the waters below the map.

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How Do You Fix Getting Stuck Under the Map in Palworld?

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To fix Palworld once players get stuck under the map, they need to look around for a square of water that bleeds through some rocks close to the low-level ocean they’re swimming in. We discovered that if players swim over to these low squares of water, they’ll be teleported up into them.

This is likely because the game wants to force players to be in the highest level of water possible, and moving over to a higher body causes the game to transport players to where it thinks they should be. After all, code has a single purpose, and what we believe we see when we swim from the deepest ocean over to these bodies of water is a correction in player location because the code knows players shouldn’t be in the deepest ocean under the map.

Once players have been teleported up to the higher body of water, they might be inside the map still. At this point, players need to find a nearby rock or edge of the terrain and climb up to the surface. This is only possible if they have enough stamina because if they run out, they’ll slowly die.

As with the code logic for water, we believe that the game’s terrain has a one-way pass-through rule to allow players to climb up from under it. The developer probably allowed for this, expecting players to fall through it while the game was in early access. Once players have climbed up to the surface, they won’t fall back down into the deep ocean and can continue doing what they were doing.

Why Can You Get Stuck Under the Map in Palworld?

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The reason players can get stuck under the map in Palworld is that there are certain areas of the map where they can fall through. These parts of the map either don’t have collision, the code that prevents players from passing through them, or certain conditions cause that collision to break.

An example of why collusion has broken for us is when we’ve climbed into a waterfall, or we’ve been shot by a weapon while climbing. In fact, every time we’ve gotten stuck under the map in the game, it’s been because we were climbing, and something happened. Our best guess is that Palworld’s code needs to be shored up when it comes to the climbing mechanic because it’s very buggy.

Why is There an Ocean Under the Map in Palworld?

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The reason there’s an ocean under the map in Palworld is that there is water surrounding every island on the game’s main map. While we don’t know the specifics of why it’s easier to have the ocean act as the base for the whole map instead of just the parts that are open water, it seems to make more sense to us that the developer would create a massive ocean and then place islands on it.

Collision, the reason players don’t fall through the floor in most games and the reason players can’t walk through every wall and object in games, is added with the objects that need it during development. However, Palworld began life as an early access game, so it’s expected that there will be some lack of polish in places. One of those places is the random pockets of floor that players can fall through to get stuck under the map.

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