How to fix low frame rate issues in Digimon Survive

Say goodbye to low FPS.

via Bandai Namco

Digimon Survive is a visual novel-style RPG game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Although the game doesn’t particularly need a top-notch system or the latest GPU to run smoothly, many players are getting low frame rates despite having the required specs. If you are facing the same issue and looking for a fix, refer to the guide below to help smooth out those frame rates.

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How to get better frame rate in Digimon Survive

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you constantly get low frame rates, try reducing the resolution and most settings to low. Furthermore, make sure your system fulfills the minimum required specs.

If you have multiple background applications running, try turning them off. Applications such as Google Chrome, Spotify, and game launchers can increase the workload on your system, which might ultimately lead to low FPS. Although many use Discord simultaneously while gaming, it should be closed when you are not actively using it.

If the problem persists, turn off the attack animations and increase the battle speed. While this will lower the visuals of the game, it should get rid of the low frame rate. Furthermore, increasing the battle speed will make the game smoother. Check your drivers and make sure that they are running on the latest version. Lastly, restart your system every time you apply new settings.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed fix for the issue as of now. We have yet to receive any official statement from the developers but expect it to be fixed in one of the upcoming patches. If nothing works, try connecting to the support team by raising a ticket.