How to fix PC stuttering issues in Atomic Heart

Less issues, more fun.

Image via Mundfish

Atomic Heart may have been released across most platforms, but the PC version, in particular, is dealing with all kinds of issues. One of the main complaints PC players have is that Atomic Heart is suffering from bad stuttering issues. If you’re having similar problems, we are going to explain how to fix PC stuttering issues in Atomic Heart.

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What to do to fix PC stuttering in Atomic Heart

Before we get into how you can fix the stuttering issue, make sure that your PC meets the game’s minimum system requirements. If you don’t have the required components, then you will need to focus first on upgrading your system. Once you’ve insured your rig is ready to go, follow the suggestions below to fix stuttering.

Adjust the in-game settings

The first thing we recommend is adjusting the in-game settings. We suggest that you keep everything set to Medium, and adjust the settings as listed below:

  1. Hard Drive Speed – SSD (If you have one installed in your system)
  2. Motion Blur – Off
  3. Nvidia Reflex – Off
  4. DLSS Super Resolution – Enabled (If you own an Nvidia graphics card)
Screenshot by Gamepur

If everything is working fine, you can set some quality settings to “High” to improve the visuals. If you start facing stuttering issues again though, bring the settings back down instantly.

Update your graphics card

It is important to have the latest version of the graphics driver installed, as you can face issues otherwise. In most cases, the reason behind stuttering is outdated graphics drivers. To make sure you have the latest one installed, go to the dedicated application of your GPU’s manufacturer, such as the Nvidia GeForce Experience or the AMD Radeon Software. Through these applications, you can see if there’s a new version of the drivers available or not.

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Make sure no programs are running in the background

Atomic Heart requires you to have at least 12 or 16 GB of RAM installed in your system for a smooth experience, meaning that it is going to consume a lot of resources. Therefore, make sure that no other programs or software are running in the background while you’re playing Atomic Heart, as the computer will be placed under a burden otherwise. This can lead to multiple issues, including stuttering.

Reinstall the game

If nothing is working, then it will be best to reinstall the game. Sometimes, a bug causes such issues to take place, and one of the ways to make it go away is by reinstalling the game. This can prove to be a little time-consuming, so consider it a last resort.