How to fix status code: CO4 -1 in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

The worst connection issue of them all.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a multiplayer-only battle royale game set in the world of Midgar. In it, players battle it out to be the best candidate in Shinra’s SOLDIER program. However, it can be tricky to prove your worth in matches with up to 75 other players when the game crashes, and you’re presented with error codes. This guide covers one of these errors, status code: CO4 -1, and how you can fix it so you can get back to winning.

Stabilize your connection

Screenshot by Gamepur

Status code: CO4 -1 is different from most of the status codes you’ll see. While many other unstable connection errors boot you out of the game to your phone’s home screen, this one only kicks you out to the home screen of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. So while it still looks like the error is caused by an unstable connection, it may be more to do with a connection to the server than anything on the user’s end.

The only way to ensure you don’t encounter status codes like this is to change your phone’s settings so that it only connects to either wi-fi or 4G. When a device swaps between the two, the connection outage that occurs while switching creates an error in the game. However, as we’ve mentioned, we believe that status code: CO4 -1 may be more to do with a server issue since it takes you out of the match and brings you to the home screen to start matchmaking again.