How to fix status code: CO4 3 in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Get connected and back into your game.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is an online-only battle royale game. While you can check in on your Chocobo farm and scan through the collectibles you’ve acquired so far while offline, you can’t get into any matches without a connection to the internet. When that connection is compromised, all sorts of issues crop up. This guide covers one of those issues, status code: CO4 3, and how to fix it.

Check your connection

Screenshot by Gamepur

Status code: CO4 3 seems to be an issue with the user’s connection to the internet. In our experience, it only crops up when your connection is compromised. This could happen when your phone switches from wi-fi to using 4G to play the game, causing a brief interruption. At that point, the game will crash, and you’ll need to open it again. When you do, you’ll be greeted with status code CO4 3, and you’ll have to start matchmaking to get into a new game.

There’s no way to fix this status code other than to go into your phone’s settings and force it to use either 4G or wi-fi for the time you’re playing Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Some phones switch to 4G when the wi-fi signal is so weak that 4G offers better performance. However, this is exactly what can cause your game to crash right as you enter the final Phase of a match.