How to fix the Available in the Full Version of the Game error in Atomic Heart

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Image via Mundfish

Sometimes, video games do not like to work properly, and can end up hitting you with some aggravating error codes. In Atomic Heart, you could across an error saying that you need the full version of the game to play, even when you definitely should have access to it. Game Pass subscribers seem to be getting hit with this issue more often than others. Here is how to fix the “Available in the full version of the game” error in Atomic Heart.

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What to do when Atomic Heart says “Available in the full version of the game”

If you are trying to start Atomic Heart and the game says it is only available in the full version of the game, you first should try fully exiting the application and restarting your console or PC. Make sure you do a full shutdown and restart to refresh the digital store you are playing on. If you are playing with Game Pass, this is the most likely needed fix to get things working again.

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If that didn’t help, try going to your game library and checking to see you have the latest update installed. You may also want to consider verifying and checking for corrupted files or uninstalling and reinstalling the game as a last resort. Unfortunately, the game is pretty large from a storage standpoint, so this could set you back quite a bit before playing it.

Some people have also reported that changing their region location in their settings has helped them, so you can give that a try. Any of these fixes should be the key to letting your system get you access to the full game.