How to fix the black screen error on Twitch

Don’t sit in the dark.


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Twitch is one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. Despite it being solid most of the time, there are moments when even Twitch can have a wobble, causing various issues for users that aren’t ideal. This guide explains how to fix the black screen error on Twitch, so you’re not left in the dark.

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How do you fix the black screen error on Twitch?

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There are a few ways you can attempt to fix the black screen error on Twitch. We’ve outlined these methods below and suggest you try each of them one by one until you find a fix that works for you.

Perform a hard refresh

When you refresh a page by pressing return on the URL or CTRL + R, you’re not completely resetting the IP. By doing a hard refresh, CTRL + SHIFT + R, you’ll force your device to look at the IP you’re viewing from scratch without any stored data. If this doesn’t work, try deleting your cache and cookies next.

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Clear your cache and cookies

The next thing you should try to do is clear your cache and cookies in the browser you’re using. In Google Chrome, this is as simple as opening the history tab and deleting your recorded history. By default, this will also delete cookies and clear your cache. It’s also worth clearing any stored images and your download history just to be safe. If you’ve never done this before, it will take a while but should fix any simple issues.

Try watching Twitch in Incognito Mode

Most web browsers have an Incognito Mode or something similar. This allows you to view websites without your history being recorded. The sites also won’t use your data since you’re using a blank slate to view them. This is a pretty good fix if you’re trying to watch a streamer in the US from outside the country. For one reason or another, US streams tend to cause friction with viewers in other countries.

Disable your extensions and plugins

We’ve all got a plethora of extensions helping us out while we browse, and plugins enable us to work and play better online. However, these can also wreak havoc with the signal coming into your computer from Twitch. Disable all your plugins and extensions, then perform a hard reset and see if you can finally view your stream.

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Restart your internet and computer

If all else fails, unplug your internet or router and then plug it back in again. Reset your computer or the device you’re watching Twitch on, and see if that helps. Usually, this black screen error is pretty easy to correct this way since it does some of all of the above anyway.

What is the black screen error on Twitch?

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The black screen error on Twitch is when you click into a stream, any stream, and are met with a black screen. The stream you want to watch won’t load, and you’re left in silence. This is not an intended result since Twitch wants you to watch as many streams as possible because that’s how it makes money. If you’re experiencing this error, then you need to get it fixed fast.