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How to fix the Network Error message on Twitch

That pesky annoyance.

Sometimes when trying to access Twitch, things can not go quite as planned. Technology is finicky, and there will be times where it doesn’t want to cooperate. A pesky Network Error message may pop up from time to time, and it can bring any Twitch stream or viewing to an active halt. Worry not, as there are some things to try before you throw in the towel. Here is everything you need to know to deal with the Network Error message on Twitch.

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Does Network Error mean Twitch is down?

The first thing you should immediately do is check if Twitch is down. A Network Error involving both streaming and viewing is usually a sign that the website is experiencing some technical difficulties. You can do this by checking the Twitch status page.

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Twitch has been known to experience issues preventing some services from loading for small periods of time. This could very well be similar to the cause of your issues. Check the Twitch Support Twitter or the Help Page to make sure that there are no dilemmas on their end.

Fixing the Network Error message on Twitch

If the error is not on Twitch’s end, then the likely culprit is probably coming from inside the house. Here are some immediate suggestions that could solve the issues:

  • Refresh the stream – The easiest and yet most reliable way to solve the issue. It might just be a hiccup in the moment, and a good reload will set things right.
  • Turn off Ad blocker for Twitch – These plugins sometimes interfere with viewing Twitch streams.
  • Check your internet connection and modem – Internet access can go awry sometimes. Maybe you are experiencing a bad connection on your end at the moment.
  • Use a different browser – Perhaps the issue lies with the current browser as some have been known to cause problems with certain webpages.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies – A faulty process might have caused some corrupted data.
  • Check your VPN – If using a VPN make sure it isn’t interfering with the stream.

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When all else fails, just be patient. The issue might be something that cannot be solved on your end. If Twitch is down, the website will likely be back up before you know it.

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