How to fix the Disconnected from Game Server (LC-208) error in Overwatch 2

What’s preventing you from jumping into the game?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

You might encounter a few issues if you attempt to jump into Overwatch 2. It’s a game where you will want to be online, and that connection won’t always be effective. A common issue for console players is going to be called LC-208, and you will be disconnected from the game server, preventing you from playing the game. Here’s what you need to know about how to fix Overwatch 2 when you get the DIsconnected from Game Server (LC-208) error.

What is the Disconnected from Game Server (LC-208) error in Overwatch 2?

It all comes down to making sure you have a BattleTag on your account, especially when you’re playing on a console. You want to ensure the account you’re using on your console is connected to the one you use on your PC. You can do this by jumping over to Blizzard’s website, logging in using your account, and seeing what consoles you’ve connected with. Blizzard has a helpful breakdown to assist you with this.

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Alternatively, you can do this in your game by launching it, going to the Welcome Screen, and using the QR you see on this screen. If you go beyond this point, go to the Options area and select the Link Accounts tab, click the Link Account option, and it will open up a browser. On this browser, log in with your account, accept permission for the app, and click Continue to connect the two. Hopefully, your account is now available on your console.

If you have already gone through these steps and you’re still encountering problems, make sure your firewall is not preventing you from playing the game, as this is a common problem. You may also need to reset your network device before trying again.

We urge you to reach out to the Overwatch 2 support team on Blizzard’s website if you continue to have problems with the LC-208 error code.