How to fix the Game Server Connection Failed error in Overwatch 2

Get past this annoying error.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Unfortunately for games that rely on a constant server connection, you need to have steady internet at all times to have access to your favorite multiplayer games. Overwatch 2 requires you to be connected to their servers to access any part of the game, even parts that don’t have to do with other players. If you are being kicked out with the message Game Server Connection Failed, you might be feeling lost. Here is what to do it you are getting this issue.

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How to get past the Game Server Connection Failed error in Overwatch 2

If you are trying to connect to Overwatch 2 or you get kicked out with the message that the Game Server Connection Failed, you should check two things. First, make sure your internet is running properly. If you need to, reset your router and reset the game. A full reset of your console or PC may also help get things running properly again.

Another reason why you may have gotten the error is because Overwatch 2 is undergoing maintenance. When this happens, there is no way to access the game until it ends, so you will need to wait. You can check the Blizzard Support Twitter to see if they have announced any problems with the servers like it going down for maintenance or other issues. The game will also likely have a message on the main page when you try to connect.

Either of the above issues is likely the problem causing you to run into the game server error. If your internet is running fine for everything else, it is likely on the game’s side and you might want to come back later. Overwatch 2 is very popular, so regular maintenance is needed to keep the game in top-running shape.