How to fix the Hogwarts Legacy Preparing Shaders stuck error

Prevent this error from ruining your gaming experience.

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Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game that has generated a lot of excitement among Harry Potter fans. However, some players have reported encountering a “Preparing Shaders” stuck error that prevents them from progressing in the game. When you launch the game for the first time, the game engine loads up and compiles shaders that are needed for the game’s graphics. Depending on your system’s hardware, this process can take a few minutes. However, if the process gets stuck and fails to complete, it can prevent you from playing the game.

Here are some steps you can take to fix the Preparing Shaders stuck error in Hogwarts Legacy:

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Check your system requirements

Ensure that your system satisfies the system requirements for the game to run. On the game’s official website, you can find the system requirements. You could have trouble playing the game if your computer doesn’t satisfy the minimum requirements.

Update your graphics card driver

Players may experience some problems with outdated graphics card drivers. For your graphics card, confirm that the most recent drivers are installed. Whatever manufacturer’s graphic card you are utilizing, it should have an official app where you’ll be able to check for updates.

Disable antivirus software

Sometimes, antivirus software can interfere with game files and cause issues. Try disabling your antivirus software and see if the Preparing Shaders process completes.

Verify game files

If some game files are corrupted or missing, it can cause the Preparing Shaders process to get stuck. You can use the game’s launcher to verify the game files and download any missing files.

Run the game as an administrator

Running the game as an administrator can give it the necessary permissions to complete the Preparing Shaders process. To do so, right-click on the game’s launcher and select “Run as administrator” option.

You can try reinstalling the game if none of the above steps work. That said, if the issue persists, you can contact the game’s support team for further assistance.