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Sea of Thieves: How to Fix The Llamabeard error code

The Llamabeard Error Code in Sea of Thieves is a common one, and has to do with the connection to Steam Servers.

Setting sail on the Sea of Thieves is usually a seamless experience, but a whole host of error messages can pop up to keep you from joining your crew for pillaging and plunder. In keeping with the game’s whimsical nature, these errors are usually accompanied by an unusual title that contains the word “beard.” One such error message, titled Llamabeard, can be particularly frustrating as it is usually accompanied by a vague description of the problem.

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Worry not if you’ve encountered the Llamabeard error message in Sea of Thieves. Here is everything you need to know about what causes the Llamabeard error in Sea of Thieves and what you can do to fix it.

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What is the Sea of Thieves Llamabeard Error Code & How to Troubleshoot

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According to the official Sea of Thieves support page, the Llamabeard error code pops up when there is a disparity between the Steam account that purchased your copy of Sea of Thieves and the Steam account you’re currently logged into. This can happen when you are logged out of Steam and try to launch Sea of Thieves from a desktop icon.

When encountering the Llamabeard error in Sea of Thieves, your first recourse should be to check if the Sea of Thieves servers are down. Rare will occasionally take the servers down to install updates or improve performance issues. As it is an online game, there isn’t much you can do when the servers are down except wait.

However, the problem might not be on your end, as this error could be an issue with the Sea of Thieves servers not being able to authenticate your Steam account. This is a common issue if the Steam servers are down, or if there’s something wrong with the Xbox servers, and they cannot connect to Steam.

In my experience, this typically happens when the Steam servers are down, especially on Tuesday night around 6 PM EST. Thankfully, the server should be back up momentarily, and it’s a relatively common issue.

When you get the Llamabeard error code, and the servers are still up, check if you are logged into the Steam account that purchased Sea of Thieves and relaunches the game. If you still get an error after checking your Steam account, logging out and relaunching Steam has been reported to solve the issue for players.

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