How to fix the Strawberrybeard error code in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to fix the Strawberrybeard error code.

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Sea of Thieves has a bunch of error codes that are presented in the way of “Beard Errors.” If you run into an error in the game, it will be presented as (an item) Beard. The error code we will be looking over this time is the Strawberrybeard error.

There are two reported encounters of Strawberrybeard in Sea of Thieves:

  1. In the Insider Programme client of the game, the error happens when the account has not logged into the retail client for a few weeks. To fix the issue, simply back out of the Insider Progamme client and start up the normal Sea of Thieves retail client. Once you log in to the main game, you should be able to move back to the Insider Progamme and play without issue.
  2. Outside of the Insider Progamme, the error code is reported to be related to various errors including a version mismatch. This happens when you are attempting to play an older version of the game following an update. Developer Rare recommends trying to update to the current version of the game.