How to fix the “Not signed into profile after update” error in

You sure about that, Blizzard?

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When starts having problems, all sorts of things can begin to go wrong. You can lose access to your games, you might not be able to download updates properly, or any number of other issues can arise. It is frustrating to run into these issues at any time, especially if you have put money down on a game that you really enjoy associated with the service. If you are getting a message saying “not signed into profile after update” and are being kicked out of your account, here are some recommendations to get things running right again.

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What to do if you’re signed out of your profile after updating

If you are having problems getting signed back into your account after an update, you should check your internet connection first. Try restarting your router and seeing if that fixes any connection issues you might have. If that doesn’t work, there may be server issues on Blizzard’s side, so check all of the proper resources to see if the problem is on their side. If this is the case, you will likely have to wait for things to be fixed and in proper running order again, but sometimes you can get back in, but will likely have to deal with lag in the process.

If neither of the solutions above is providing anything, try restarting the app or your PC. Pull up your Task Manager and be sure the app is completely exited out of before starting it again. Outside of that, you may need to get in contact with Blizzard Support. They can look at your situation and let you know why you may be experiencing these issues. In most cases, though, this will be tied to server issues making you lose connection to the service long enough to get kicked out.