How to fix the One Fell Strike Triumph bug in Destiny 2

Easy does it.

The Guardian Games is here, which brings with it a fresh batch of Triumphs for Destiny 2 players to complete. These Triumphs can earn players Laurels and Medals, so they are quite important for progressing your class’ standing in the Guardian Games.

One of the Triumphs, One Fell Strike, is causing some problems for players, however. For the Triumph, players need to kill 50 enemies in a single strike, and as a reward they will receive a Silver Medal. The problem is that the One Fell Strike Triumph is not correctly tracking for players.

While they only need to get 50 kills, the Triumph will erroneously track kills after this point, resetting the progress, giving players the impression it is not tracking kills at all.

What players will need to do is keep a close eye on this Triumph while they play through a strike, and then hand it in when they have killed exactly 50 enemies. This will allow them to hand in the Triumph, get their Silver Medal, and then add it to their class standing for the day.

It’s a little bit annoying to have to do this, but it’s the easiest way to deal with the problem. Once you kill that 50th enemy, just be sure you don’t kill any more enemies until you hand in the Triumph, and this can be done via the Inventory screen during the Strike itself.