How to fix the Pokémon Go Facebook Login error

Are you having problems using your Facebook information to launch Pokémon Go?

Image via Niantic

If you’re attempting to log into Pokémon Go using your Facebook information, there’s a chance you might encounter a handful of problems with it. Every so often, the Facebook login experiences an error, preventing players from jumping into their accounts and playing the game. Here’s what you need to know about how to best fix the Pokémon Go Facebook login error.

Why can’t you log into Pokémon Go using Facebook?

When experiencing this issue, it’s all about the servers. The message you’re going to read is, “Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this application,” and you will not be able to go into the game. We recommend you close out of the Pokémon Go application and completely shut it down, and then attempt to log onto the application once again. You may need to do this a handful of times before breaking through the problems and playing the game.

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Another solution we’re going to recommend is you go to the application store you downloaded Pokémon Go and double-check if it needs an update. Should the game require an update, this might be preventing you from connecting to the game. However, the game typically downloads this part itself. You may want to see if your internet connection is working on your smartphone and then try again.

Should none of these solutions help you, we recommend waiting a few minutes before trying to relaunch Pokémon Go. Niantic’s servers are likely overwhelmed where you are right now, and you have to wait until you find a good opportunity to load into the game. This is frustrating if you’re attending an in-person event.