All Sea of Thieves Adventures and their start and end dates

Get to know your lore.

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Sea of Thieves has managed to construct a world surprisingly rich in lore around its core gameplay of pirating life. Much of this narrative development has come from the introduction of Adventures — short, limited-time questlines that featured fan-favorite characters, high-stakes storylines, and sometimes world-changing consequences. If you want to brush up on your Sea of Thieves history before diving into the latest Adventure, here are all the Adventures that have come to pass since their inception.

Current Sea of Thieves Adventure

The Secret Wilds – January 19 to February 2

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The current Sea of Thieves Adventure is The Secret Wilds, the next chapter in the story of Captain Briggsy and Tasha’s curse and the game’s eleventh Adventure. Players will be able to help Madame Olivia of the Order of Souls in her journey to cure Tasha’s condition, all of which hinges on following in Briggsy’s footsteps. Mirroring his journey will take you deep into The Wilds in an effort to find a cure. Completing the Adventure will net players the Briggsy’s Mask trinket, while completing all the Deeds will reward them with the “Dark Stargazer” title.

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Next Sea of Thieves Adventure

Details for the next Adventure are pretty thin on the ground, but the name “A Dark Deception” can be found in the Adventures menu. Considering that previous Adventure arcs have tended to unfold in threes, fans will likely see the conclusion of Tasha and Briggsy’s story, though it’s possible the action will shift back to the ongoing Battle for the Sea of Thieves.

Previous Sea of Thieves Adventures

Unfortunately for any newer players, you can’t replay any old Adventures at present. Luckily, you can catch up on the story so far in our lore guide for Sea of Thieves Adventures. However, if your curiosity about them still can’t be sated, here are the details of when they first sailed the seas.

Shrouded IslandsFebruary 17 – March 3, 2022
Forts of the ForgottenMarch 24 – April 7, 2022
The Shrouded DeepApril 21 – May 12, 2022
Lost SandsMay 26 – June 9, 2022
The Forsaken HunterJune 30 – July 14, 2022
A Hunter’s CryAugust 18 – September 1, 2022
The Sirens’ PrizeSeptember 15 – September 29, 2022
The Herald of the FlameOctober 13 – October 27, 2022
Return of the DamnedNovember 3 – November 17, 2022
The Rogue’s LegacyDecember 8 – December 22, 2022