How to fix unable to obtain character data in Final Fantasy XIV

Why can’t you find your character data?

When you’re trying to load into the Final Fantasy XIV data center, you might encounter a few problems depending on the number of people trying to jump into the game at the same time. You’ll experience a handful of issues because of this. For example, you might find yourself seeing the ‘unable to obtain character data’ when you try loading onto your data center. Unfortunately, it’s a standard error that appears pretty frequently. Here’s what you need to know about fixing the unable to obtain character data in Final Fantasy XIV.

Thankfully, there are no problems with your character or your account. When you receive this error, it simply means there’s a massive influx of people trying to load into the game simultaneously. A more common error you might also experience is error 2002 or the lobby server connection error. Both of them are connected to the number of players trying to load into Final Fantasy XIV.

It’s a similar error regarding the ‘unable to obtain character data.’ Again, it all comes down to how many people are trying to join the game. You can choose to stop logging into Final Fantasy XIV, or you can continue to attempt loading into your chosen data center to see if you get the chance to slip through the cracks and join the queue.