How to fix your Career Profile being wrong in Overwatch 2

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is a game surrounded by stats. With how many hours people put into the game, they tend to care about the various stats attributed to their Career Profile and the values they hold. In the early days of Overwatch 2’s launch, people are noticing that their statistics are way out of wack, giving them values that are just flat-out inaccurate. Here is how to fix your Career Profile being wrong in Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2 Career Profile error

Unfortunately, your Career Profile and statistics within are handled by Blizzard’s servers, so there is not much you can do to try and fix them besides waiting for Blizzard to push a fix through. They are aware that the statistics are wrong for some players and are working on it alongside other issues in the game. Between all the other server issues with account merges, it is not that surprising that some numbers are a little wonky, and they will be fixed with time. That’s not good enough for right now, though.

In the meantime, our best recommendation is to completely close out of Overwatch 2 and restart the game, so you have to log in to their servers again. If you are on PC, make sure you fully shut down and check your Task Manager to ensure that it is not running before you start it up again. On consoles, just close the app fully and restart it.

Another possible fix could be checking to make sure your Overwatch 2 app is fully updated. However, the game should not let you in with an older version, but things happen, so check and make sure you are using the latest version. Unfortunately, that is about all we can recommend at the moment for your Career Profile. As stated above, the issue is well known and will hopefully be fixed sooner rather than later.