How to flip a Dugbog onto its back in Hogwarts Legacy

Render the creature defenseless.

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Combat is a constant thing you will need to worry about in Hogwarts Legacy with the threat of dark wizards always being present. Each time you enter combat, you will receive various challenges to complete. Sometimes these challenges are as simple as defeating certain enemies, other times you are required to complete tasks that are a bit confusing. When it comes to Dugbogs, you will occasionally get asked to flip one on its back. This guide will show you how to flip a Dugbog onto its back in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to flip a Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy

Flipping objects and enemies is a pretty common combat challenge in Hogwarts Legacy. Other challenges will have you trying to flip a Troll’s club or levitate a Dugbog. If you want to flip a Dugbog, you don’t need to use the Flipendo spell as you might think. All you need is some good reflexes and the Accio spell. Start by finding a Dugbog. Lairs containing these creatures are sprinkled all over the map. You can also find them throughout the Forbidden Forest just north of Hogwarts.

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Once you have found some Dugbogs, engage them in combat and get ready to dodge. Dugbogs like to attack by slamming their body into you. When you see the red circle appear around your head, dodge to the left or right. This when is when the Dugbog will change forward to slam into you. Immediately after the dodge, turn your camera around and cast the Accio spell on the creature. This will pull it over onto its back, completing the challenge.

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This method works on every type of Dugbog. If you happen to come across a small Dugbog, you can also take the easier route by using the Flipendo spell on it when it gets ready to attack. This will flip it onto its back without the need to dodge an attack. Of course, you won’t be able to use this method until you have completed the necessary assignment to unlock Flipendo.