How to get $100 in your bank account in BitLife

You need to keep an eye on your checking account for this challenge.

Image via Candywriter

For those attempting to complete the 100 Challenge in BitLife, of all the requirements for it, the toughest is likely to lower your funds to have exactly $100 by the time you reach 100 years old. There are a few things you can do to make this happen, but it does include plenty of trial and error.

To ensure you make it to 100 years old with such a low amount in your bank account, you need to find ways to spend your money consistently. You can do this by purchasing houses, cars, pets, luxury items, or by handing out cash as gifts. Because you always need to attain 100 percent in all of your stats to complete the 100 Challenge, giving money gives to members of your family is an excellent way to increase your relationship, thereby improving your overall happiness.

Alternatively, for those who have the Bitizen premium reward for BitLife, you don’t have to complete this challenge with your first character. You can do it by playing as one of your younger relatives when you pass away and become this. This way, the new character inherits all of the money from your first character, having millions of dollars. With that much money, the new character can quit their job, live off that large pile of income, and steadily drain from their account. You can use the money on the new character to improve their stats to raise them to 100 percent, and you don’t need to focus on having a job.

For those who don’t have a premium account, if your character passes away before they reach 100 or after it and don’t have the $100 in their bank account, you have to start over with a brand new character. It makes completing the challenge significantly harder. You have to watch how much money you have for all of that character’s life, and how much you receive once you retire. You can try to find a job to make sure it doesn’t give you any retirement benefits, but it could make keeping your health and happiness stats up.

The $100 in your bank account requirement will prove the toughest part, followed by keeping your stats at a perfect 100 when you reach an older age. Make sure to visit a doctor consistently and reach out to your relatives whenever you can to increase your happiness.