How to get 1000 Shotguns kills quickly in Destiny 2 – Shotgun Telemetry

This is my boomstick.

Screengrab via Bungie

The community has come together and finished a ridiculous amount of Seraph Tower runs in Destiny 2, which means we get to move forward with the Felwinter’s Lie quest. After visiting Vostok, it is time to work on Shotgun kills. 1000 of them, to be precise. There are some things you can do to speed this along, and some places you can go to find plenty of enemies, so lets run through some ways to make this whole thing a bit easier on you.

#1 – Shotgun Mods

You should make sure you have some Shotgun related mods equipped, as it will improve your stats and bring more ammo when you are fighting enemies.

  • Shotgun Ammo Finder
  • Shotgun Scavenger
  • Large Weapon Loader
  • Shotgun Reserves
  • Heavy Handed – will give you back Shotgun ammo when you kill an enemy and are surrounded
  • Quick Charge – become charged with Light while rapidly killing enemies, improves Shotgun ready speed

#2 – You can carry three Shotguns

If you like, you can equip Shotguns to your Kinetic, Energy, and Heavy slots, as long as you have the right weapons. The Traktor Canon is a Shotgun and will nuke large groups of enemies. When you run out of ammo, switch to your Kinetic of Energy weapon and take out more enemies while gathering up fresh ammo. It is pretty easy to never run out of Shotgun ammo if you have the right mods.

#3 – Farm in the right place

The Castellum on the Leviathan is a good spot to farm, as enemies will constantly spawn here as long as you do not progress further into the Raid. You can try the Core Terminus Lost sector on Mars right beside Ana Bray for people who maybe don’t have access to the Leviathan. It is filled with week Hive enemies that cluster up, making farming with the Traktor Cannon very easy.

The Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish Raid is also a solid farming spot, as is the Blind Well in the Dreaming City. You can also try Escalation Protocol on Mars, which will through hundreds of enemies at you in a short time. No matter what you do, it will take some time to get all these kills, but these locations should make it easier.

It is also worth pointing out that the enemy’s strength doesn’t seem to matter, a kill will always count as a kill, no matter the source, so it is better to farm easy enemies.