Vostok Visited mission guide in Destiny 2

Bring a warm jacket.

Destiny 2

Now that the Destiny 2 community has gotten through the mountain of Seraph Tower finishes that were required for the Felwinter’s Lie quest, we can all move on to the next step. First up, you will need to return to Ana Bray at Braytech on Mars. Talk to her and you can move on to the next step, which is called Vostok Visited.

You will need to travel to Vostok, which can be done by opening the Director, click on Destinations, and then clicking on Earth. You will be able to see a new mission marked by a blue crown icon. The mission A Warmind’s Secret will bring you to Vostok when you click on it.

A Warmind's Secrets

Now, there isn’t much to the mission. All you need to do is wander around the Vostok map and scan three different items.

The first item can be found by walking straight ahead when you spawn in and taking the first right. It looks like some pieces of a broken Warsat, and all you need to do is scan it with your Ghost. Ava will give you some general information, but you can instantly start searching for the next part. From there, go straight ahead and follow the path around under the stone archway.

The next site is directly ahead, upstairs in the run-down building. From there, just keep going forward until you reach the next point. As we said, it is not a very long or involved mission and is really more a lore dump as Ana gives you various bits of history and lore.

After that, you will need to get Shotgun kills for the next step, so break out your favorite shotgun and get to work. You will need 1000 Shotgun kills in total.