How to get and evolve Silver Wind in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell

Bring the wrath of the wind against your enemies.

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Vampire Survivors is known for introducing new weapons and maps to spice up gameplay. With the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, there are eight new characters and 13 weapons to unlock. One of the weapons is the Silver Wind, which allows you to utilize the power of wind projectiles to hurt your enemies. It is also capable of evolving into a more powerful version.

Getting the weapon isn’t intuitive, and you’ll have to test your mettle on the new Mt. Moonspell map. Upgrading it will require a small amount of detective work, but its power will soon be yours to unleash upon your enemies.

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Getting the Silver Wind Weapon

When you arrive at Mt. Moonspell, you will see a maroon key icon pointing to the northeast. Unlike other maps, it’s not a direct path and you must make your way into a building. Find gaps in the walls that allow you to proceed, heading further in as you fight more enemies.

You will eventually encounter a coffin that the key icon was pointing to. It will be guarded by three unique enemies, which must be defeated before you can access the coffin. Upon their defeat, the coffin will glow and you can walk over it to unlock Miang Moonspell, the character whose base weapon is the Silver Wind.

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To unlock the Silver Wind for the rest of your characters, you must start another run with Miang and he must survive 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter which map it is as long as 15 minutes pass. You can also just use Miang himself if you don’t want to unlock Silver Wind for other characters, and it’s not necessary for the evolution.

Evolving the Silver Wind weapon

To evolve the Silver Wind weapon, you must have the Pummarola item equipped as well. The Silver Wind needs to be maxed out (with all eight levels). The Pummarola needs to be maxed out for the Silver Wind to evolve, unlike other weapon evolutions where it can be at the first level.

Wait ten minutes and open at least one other treasure chest before the ten-minute mark, just like the other weapon evolution requirements. Once you fulfill this, one of your next chests should be the Festive Winds, the Silver Wind’s evolution.

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The Festive Winds will weaken the enemies that it touches, allowing you to pummel other enemies into submission faster. It will also unlock Menya Moonspell, which will start another chain of unlocking characters/weapons for the new DLC.

Any character is capable of unlocking the Festive Winds, but Miang is likely your best bet if you want to quickly unlock the weapon and get its evolution. Using the weapon will also allow you to easily wield the Soul Eater since they both share the same item (Pummarola). It’s a great way to put two weapons together that can heal yourself and weaken enemies at the same time.