How to get 12 player Raids, Presage, and other activities in Destiny 2

Yes, it is possible.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

If you ever wondering if it were possible to fit 12 different people into one Destiny 2 activity, the answer appears to be yes. While almost certain to be high on the list of things that Bungie is planning to fix in the game, for now, you can take advantage of this exploit to run the quickest Deep Stone Crypt raid of your life.

Doing so is actually extremely easy, although we have no idea who it was who figured this out in the first place outside of a mention of a player called Scrub, but props to you, Guardian.

  • Split the 12 players across two different Fireteams.
  • One Fireteam should have 5 players the other should have 7.
  • The host for the 7 man team clicks Join on a player from the 5 man team, but waits on the “Bring Fireteam with you?” prompt.
  • The 5 man team loads into the activity of choice, be it a raid, Presage, etc.
  • When the countdown timer hit 2 seconds, the leader of the 7 player team completes the joining process.
  • Everyone should load into the same activity.

Remember to account for any lag build-ups across servers, Discords, etc when trying to get the timing right. It may take a few attempts to get it to all happen at the right time.

Any player interested in this will absolutely want to jump on it as quickly as they can, as you can expect this to be an even bigger priority for Bungie than the recent Trials problems.