How to Get 777 Draws in State of Survival

State of Survival ads keep promising players 777 Draws, but it’s difficult to understand where to find them in-game.

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State of Survival is an intense base building survival game where players must battle it out together against their enemies and hordes of the undead. While the game offers many extras to dedicated players, none are more coveted than the 777 Draws bonus.

Any ad for State of Survival almost certainly contains at least one mention of a sign-up bonus, if not the 777 Draws bonus itself. The trouble is, it’s unclear how to get this item once into the game and stuck into the nitty gritty of its mechanics. While some similar games deliberately obscure the way to claim free items, every player is asking how to get 777 Draws in State of Survival and finding no answer.

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How Do You Get 777 Draws in State of Survival?

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To get 777 Draws in State of Survival, players must find a valid offer, usually from a video ad for the game, and use it to start the game or get a code. Then, they must redeem the code from their profile in-game, and they should be rewarded with a bonus, though it may not be the 777 Draws they were hoping for.

From what we’ve seen, 777 Draws in State of Survival is an offer that occurs a few times a year. However, it’s inconsistent, with most players reporting that they don’t get the promised bonus and are instead offered a fragment for the Lucky character. Even then, the offer requires them to spend real cash on the game before the item is awarded to them.

Player feedback on the 777 Draws codes for State of Survival ranges from needing to spend $1 to get Lucky, a desirable hero, for free, only getting one Lucky fragment, or getting something else entirely. It’s not clear how the 777 Draws bonus is meant to work, but at the time of writing, it looks to be either expired or named incorrectly.

Are the 777 Draws Ads for State of Survival a Scam?

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Most players who clicked on the ad for the 777 Draws in State of Survival are reporting it as a scam. We can’t confirm this because it could have something to do with the codes not working properly or players not being able to find where to redeem their codes. However, everyone in the community who discusses these seems to believe they are a scam or expired at the very least.

As per the biggest conversation on the game’s Subreddit about 777 Draws, it seems as though the only code that’s given out provides them with a single fragment for the Lucky character. While this isn’t nothing, it’s not exactly what was promised. It seems as though the ads for this bonus may still be running, but the actual reward is long gone.

How to Get Lucky in State of Survival

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To get Lucky in State of Survival, players must gather all the fragments required to unlock her. Players can get one fragment from a free code offered to new players, but they’ll need to grind out the other nine fragments by playing the game and earning rewards. This takes an incredibly long time because Lucky is such a highly sought-after hero in State of Survival. At the time of writing, players can purchase her for $5.99, but the only option to get her for free is to grind out the fragments.