How to get a code for the MultiVersus open beta

Try out WB’s cartoon action early in the MultiVersus open beta.

Screenshot via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Player First Games, the developer behind Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s new crossover-inspired fighting game MultiVersus, announced an open beta of the new game to be made available to the public. Starting on July 26, this free-to-play beta test will be playable by anyone willing to sign up and participate. However, you can potentially get in early with an early access code, and here we’ll show you how.

Signing up for the MultiVersus open beta in browser

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players who had previously signed up for the MultiVersus alpha and closed beta will be automatically allowed back into the open beta — a full week earlier than everyone else, starting July 19. For those that missed out on previously testing the game, all it takes is a free-to-create WB Games account. From the MultiVersus website, would-be players can create an account linked to that of their WB Games account.

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Accessing the MultiVersus open beta early access through Twitch Drops

Your WB Games account must also be linked to a Twitch account, as the easiest method to gain an early access beta code for MultiVersus is through a Twitch Drop. To qualify for one of these Twitch Drops, you need to watch a sponsored streamer play the beta for long enough to be selected. Once receiving a code from this drop, it can be redeemed through the Beta Management section of the linked WB Games account.

While MultiVersus is still a product in beta, it’s liable to run into a few bugs. As the new fighting game has skyrocketed in popularity since the introduction of its beta program, its official website has been under heavy traffic. It is not uncommon for the website to 404 when attempting to sign in through a WB Games account. If this occurs, we recommend checking back in later, or at least during non-peak hours.