MultiVersus open beta kicks off later this month, early access starts next week

Get ready to rumble.

Image via Warner Bros.

Months after a successful closed alpha test in May, Warner Bros. is set to introduce its crossover platform fighter MultiVersus to a much larger audience very soon. The open beta for the wacky fighting game will launch for free on July 26 for Xbox consoles, PlayStation systems, and PC, the company announced today. In addition, those who either previously participated in the closed alpha or have received an early access code via a Twitch Drops campaign will be able to start playing an early access version of the beta starting July 19.

In a video announcing the beta’s launch date, MultiVersus director Tony Huynh also stated that any progress earned in the beta, such as character progression and item unlocks, would carry forward through the game’s life, cementing the idea that this beta will effectively be a soft launch for the title. Huynh also stated that the team at Player First Games is planning to implement new characters, maps, and cosmetics in the months ahead.

It’s anyone’s guess who could potentially join the game’s roster in the future, especially considering the wide range of IP owned by WB. Naturally, character predictions have been all over the place. Leakers have alleged that characters from Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, and even Ted Lasso could soon join the fray next to Batman, Arya Stark, and Shaggy.

Notably, the beta will finally pull the curtain back on one huge WB character: The Iron Giant. Despite the giant’s prominence and icon status, he wasn’t featured in previous playable tests. However, that didn’t stop him from being a hot topic of conversation. The decision to include the character in MultiVersus — a fighting game — has garnered a fair bit of controversy due to the nonviolent nature of the giant exhibited in his self-titled film, The Iron Giant.