How to get a double platinum single in BitLife

Sing it loud.

Image via Candywriter

The path of becoming a famous musician is a difficult one in BitLife. It’s even more difficult if you want to go out on your own and publish singles, which you can only do if you choose to become a singer. That means you need to work on your character’s vocal talents early and make sure they’re perfect before reaching a certain age. When they become good enough, they’ll be able to release singles and sell millions of copies, earning you quite a bit of money. This guide details how to get a double platinum single in BitLife as a famous rapper.

The first thing you want to do is wait until your character becomes eight, and they can start taking voice lessons. You can do this by visiting the Activities tab and clicking on the Mind & Body choice. At the bottom, there’s the option for your character to take voice lessons, and you want to make sure you take these lessons as often as you can each year. Your goal is to reach at least 90% completion, or 100% if you can before your character becomes 18. After 18, the lessons are $500 each.

When they reach at least 90%, you want to go to the Occupation tab and choose the Special Careers option to become a famous musician. After that, you want your character to go down the solo artist route so they can release singles. Before they do that, they may want to release a handful of albums first and become a more notable name, which increases the chance of a single they sell in the future becoming double platinum.

A double platinum single is when it sells over 2,000,000 copies. You can increase your chances of this happening by doing this later in your character’s career, by being a rapper or a pop singer, and by making sure the single name matches the genre your character is singing. It could take you a few releases before this happens, but with enough patience and should your character keeps their vocal skills up high enough, it should happen with a successful career.