How to get a drone in NBA 2K23

Travel across the city in the blink of an eye.

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From golf carts to a Santa Claus suit, NBA 2K23 players have seen plenty of strange items be introduced to its MyCareer mode over the last few seasons. Now, with the start of Season 4, ballers will have the opportunity to obtain a drone. Although this is useful for seeing the beautiful views of The City, the device is actually the best tool for fast travel. Here’s how to unlock a drone and everything it can do in NBA 2K23.

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How to unlock a drone in The City for NBA 2K23

Unfortunately, it will take more than just VC in order to nab a drone in The City, as the item cannot be bought in stores. Instead, the drone is Season 4’s almighty Level 40 reward — making it the last unlockable item in the Season Prizes menu. More importantly, the season and its new cosmetics are only available until February 24, so you will need to level up fast by playing The City, The Rec, or Pro-Am games. Keep in mind, the XP amount you earn from each game depends on your performance and if you win.

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Compared to previously-released vehicles, the drone is arguably the fastest for getting you to any spot in The City. Once the drone is activated, you can choose to either fly around the map and locate players or even warp your MyPlayer to a location it hovers over. Those able to unlock the item will also have the option to give it one of five different color schemes.

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With the introduction of Season 4, players can also expect a wealth of new items to be earned in the game’s MyTeam mode. Its own rewards page instantly offers a 95 overall DeMar DeRozan to those who claim it, while others like 94 overall Diamond Thurl Bailey and 97 overall Galaxy Opal Zach LaVine require you to amass thousands of XP.