How to get a Glowfruit in Cris Tales

Shining bright.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the first tasks players will need to complete is Cris Tales is to find a Glowfruit. The game will suddenly drop the need for a Glowfruit on you, and it might feel a little confusing. Thankfully, this is an easy issue to solve as the method of getting the fruit has already begun, you simply may not have realized it.

Earlier in the game, when Mathias was bringing you to the river to meet his mage friend, you will recall you planted a seed in a special patch of soil. If you go to the world map and head to this section near the river then you will find that you can now jump back and forth through time at this area.

The reason this is important is that you can jump forward in time to grab the plant from the seed you put in the soil, and it just so happens to be a Glowfruit. Hit the prompted button for Mathias to travel through time. This is the S button on PC. Now, select the future by hitting the arrow toward the right of the screen, then confirm the action.

Mathias will jump through time, and you can now pick up the Glowfruit. It will automatically be put in your bag and you can then head back to Cris with the fruit. After that, return to the Apothecary who asked you to grab the fruit in the first place.