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How to Get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe

Warframe players love their pets, and none is better than the Kubrow, which can only be tamed if players get a Kubrow Collar.

Kubrow is one of the many pets players can recruit to aid them in Warframe. These alien dogs are a Tenno’s best friend, and they will stick to a player’s side and provide numerous gameplay benefits. They will help on missions, detect enemies and loot on radar and enhance the ability to find rare upgrades. Players can’t just run around with any Kubrow they see though. They need a collar for them first. This guide will explain how to get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe.

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Where to Find a Kubrow Collar in Warframe

To earn the Kubrow Collar, players must head to the Codex, which is located on the Orbiter ship. They must complete a short story quest called Howl of the Kubrow to acquire this key item. The cinematic quest can be selected from the main mission screen.

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The Howl of the Kubrow quest is comprised of four steps. This is a low-level quest, but we suggest bringing a Warframe and weapons in the 15 to 20 range to ensure success. The five steps and associated missions for this quest are as follows.

  1. Head to the node Unda on Venus and complete a five-minute Survival mission to acquire an Incubator Segment.
  2. Travel to Earth Prime, located on Earth, and destroy Kubrow nests to earn a Kubrow Egg.
  3. Purchase an Incubator Power Core from the Market, or complete the Earth Mars Junction.
  4. Incubate and grow the Kubrow aboard the Orbiter ship.
  5. Venture to the Gaia node on Earth and defend the Kubrow against five waves of Grineer enemies.

During the final mission, we suggest players bring a Warframe capable of powerful healing abilities or defensive powers. Frames such as Trinity, Frost, and Citrine are characters that are perfect for this quest.

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Players will earn a Kubrow Collar named Taichen when the quest is complete. This cosmetic item will then be applied to all the Kubrows they incubate from that point onward. Make sure to equip a great set of Mods on your Kubrow to make them a fearsome companion.

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