How to get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe

Who let the dogs out?

Image via Digital Extremes

Kubrow are loyal pets that Warframe players can get in the game, with a little work. They will help on missions, finding loot, damage enemies, and generally being good boys as the Tenno run around doing missions and quests for the Lotus. One item that players will need to get in their journey toward Kubrow ownership is a collar.

Getting this collar is actually a part of the main Howl of the Kubrow quest, the optional quest that all players can take part in if they wish to own a Kubrow. The quest itself is broken up into four main stages, each of which needs to be completed before the player can proceed to the next stage.

  • Getting the Incubator Segement at Unda, Venus
  • Finding a Kubrow eggs at Earth Prime, Earth
  • Incubating and maturing the Kubrow using the Incubator on the Orbiter ship
  • Defending your Kubrow in combat at Gaia, Earth

It is the final step, defending the Kubrow in combat, the will reward the collar, making the bond between the Tenno and the Kubrow official. This mission plays out as a Defense missions over five rounds. Players need to keep the Kubrow safe from incoming enemies. While the Kubrow can be downed, players will have time to revive it before it bleeds out.

When the Defense mission is over, players will earn a Taichen Collar, a cosmetic that will then be applied to all the Kubrows that they Incubate from that point onward. There is also a Kavasa Prime Kubrow Collar that can be obtained from Void Relics. All the Relics that contain the parts are currently vaulted, so players will need to get the pieces through trading.