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How to get Citrine in Warframe

Build her up one gem at a time.

Citrine is a new character inspired by rare diamonds and insects released alongside Warframes Citrine’s Last Wish update. She is support-driven and capable of potent status effects such as Bleed while also dishing out health and energy regeneration for her group. This guide will explain how to get Citrine in Warframe.

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How to build Citrine in Warframe

To unlock Citrine for free, you must have completed the Heart of Deimos quest. Then you can speak to the vendor Otak to buy her Blueprints. Players who don’t want to spend their precious resources can earn Citrines parts by playing the featured mode, Mirror Defense. Players can find this mission on the Tyana Pass node added to Mars.

Successfully defending Belric and Rania will grant a rotating set of rewards. These rewards include Belric and Rania Fragments, new weapons, and Citrine’s blueprints. After earning her blueprints, you can build them by accessing the Foundry aboard your ship.

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To unlock Citrine for free, you must have completed the Heart of Deimos quest. Then you can speak to the vendor Otak to buy her Blueprints. She can also be bought directly for 325 Platinum. Players can also purchase the Crystal Bastion Collection. This collection costs 740 Platinum and comes with Citrine and the following items.

  • Alumeti Sugatra
  • Belric and Rania Reunited Ship Decoration
  • Citrine Kalite Helmet
  • Citrine Sigil
  • Citrine Warframe
  • Corufell
  • Steflos Shotgun

All Citrine Blueprints and how to build them in Warframe

To begin building Citrine, you need four crafting components. Citrine’s Blueprint, her Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems. Citrine parts can be earned in Mirror Defense, and each one needs to be built to add her to your arsenal. These are all her Blueprints and their costs.

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Citrine Blueprint

  • 30,000 Credits
  • Citrine Chassis
  • Citrine Neuroptics
  • Citrine Systems
  • 3 Orokin Cells

Citrine Chassis

Her chassis takes quite a few materials to build, but they can be found in the Lua mission nodes.

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1.200 Cryotic
  • 3,000 Alloy Plate
  • 6 Stellated Necrathene
  • 2,000 Nano Spores

Citrine Neuroptics

  • 2 Argon Crystals
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 15 Faceted Tiametrite
  • 1,000 Rubedo
  • 1,500 Salvage

Citrine Systems

  • 1,500 Circuits
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 3 Gallium
  • 2 Morphics
  • 1,500 Polymer Bundle

You can build these parts in your Foundry and begin hunting down her two signature weapons. As a support Frame, Citrine is a perfect choice for players who want to be the life of the party during Defense and Survival missions.

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