How to get a Nono and take it to a Root in Biomutant – Back to the Roots

Repairing the damage.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

In Back to the Roots, players will need to find and heal all the damaged roots of the Tree in Biomutant. It’s not a particular difficult quest, as each step will be marked by a waypoint showing them what to do. Where it might get a little comlicated is getting the Nono, a strange creature that they need to bring to the root.

The Nonos can be found in special plants that grow throughout the world. They will often be guarded by multiple enemies, so players will need to either fight their way to them or sneak in and get the Nono in a more stealthy manner.

All around the tree, some pink flowers will be growing. To get the Nono, player will need to hit the flowers with their weapon and then scoop up the Nono in the Net they were given earlier in the game.

Once they have the NoNo, they can simply bring it to the waypoint, interact with the root, and they should be good to go. There will be more NoNo plants hidden around the map, so make sure you keep an eye out for them, but you should always be directed to a new one as the next part of the quest if you do not have any in your inventory.