How to get a Possum in Adopt Me

Obtaining the new Possum Pet in Roblox Adopt Me is straightforward, but unlocking its Neon form will take some effort.

Viewing the Possum on its Stand in the Camping Shop of Roblox Adopt Me

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Introduced in the Camping Shop Refresh update of February 2023, the Possum is a new Pet that you can obtain in Roblox Adopt Me. This cute little critter is a great companion to take along while roleplaying at the Campsite, as the Possum would fit perfectly in the wooded environment with tents and campfires. Like any Pet, the Possum is not limited to any specific activities and can even be ridden or flown on if you have the expendable Robux. To get this new camping-themed critter in Roblox Adopt Me, you will need to know where the Camping Shop is located.

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Unlocking a Possum in Adopt Me

Finding the Possum in the Camping Shop in Adopt Me
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To get a Possum in Adopt Me, you must make a visit to the Camping Shop, a store on the southern side of Adoption Island. If you are coming from the Neighborhood, you must cross the first bridge to the central island with the Nursery. Next, go across the red bridge on the southern side and turn left on the main road. The Camping Shop in Roblox Adopt Me will be less than a block down the path on the right, near the trail to the Campsite. You will know you are at the right location by the store’s “Best Shop Ever” sign with a fallen letter R.

Inside the Camping Shop, you can find the Possum available for $800 in Adopt Me. If you are low on Cash, consider playing as a Baby and completing tasks alongside your Pet, such as playing at the park, taking naps, or eating food together. Setting up a small Lemonade or Cotton Candy Stand where other players can purchase food is also a great source of passive income. However, remember that some countries, such as South Korea, do not allow player-to-player in-game trading in Roblox, preventing you from earning money from a Stand. 

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Unlocking a Neon Possum in Adopt Me

Neon Cave Location to Change Four Possums into a Neon Possum in Adopt Me
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How to get rare Neon Variant Possum

If you would like to get the rare Neon variant of the Possum in Roblox Adopt Me, you must enter the Neon Cave. This cave is a hidden location with an entrance beneath the main bridge close to the Neighborhood entrance. Once inside, you must place four fully-grown Possums onto the four colorful rings on the large magical platform. This procedure will grant you a Neon Possum in Adopt Me. If you want to go the extra mile and unlock a Mega Neon Possum, you must repeat the process above but instead combine four Neon Possums in the Neon Cave.