Roblox Baby Simulator codes (November 2022)

Be the best baby with these codes for Roblox Baby Simulator.

Image via Broken Wand Studios

Roblox has a lot of weird games you can play, and this might be one of the weirder ones. Baby Simulator is all about being a baby where you’ll be finding toys to play with while getting coins and other currencies to upgrade your baby with. To help you with your life as a baby, you can use any of these codes we have listed here to provide you with various gifts to use in the game.

How to redeem codes in Baby Simulator

You want to make sure you have the Baby Simulator game open when you’re ready to redeem any of these codes. You can only do them while playing the game. You want to look for the Twitter icon on the left side of your screen. When you click on it, the pop-up will appear, and you can type in any of the codes we’ve posted below. We recommend treating them as case-sensitive when attempting to redeem them to ensure you don’t miss out on these rewards.

All active Baby Simulator codes

  • pet: get gifts for free
  • coinsbaby: get gifts for free
  • YAY: get gifts for free
  • gems: get gifts for free
  • Xmas: get gifts for free
  • snow: get gifts for free
  • snowing: get gifts for free
  • 10mvisits: get 100 gems
  • 100kfavs: get 25 gems
  • candyland: get 10 peppermint
  • update2: get 250 coins
  • space: get 100 coins
  • mars: get 10 Orange Tokens
  • waawaa: get 50 gems
  • gem50: get 50 gems
  • dadda: get coins
  • secretcode: get 150 happiness
  • Twitter1: get 50 coins
  • Twitter2: get 100 coins
  • happierbaby: get 100 happiness
  • gem20: get 20 gems
  • happybaby: get 20 happiness
  • yum: get 25 peppermint
  • tokens: get 50 orange tokens
  • launch: get 50 coins
  • blastoff: get 25 orange tokens
  • mamma: get 100 happiness
  • zzz: get 100 coins
  • 5mvisits: get 50 happiness
  • marsbaby: get 100 happiness
  • richbaby: get 100 coins
  • talkingbaby: get 50 happiness
  • gemazing: get 100 gems

Why won’t my Roblox Baby Simulator codes work?

Some players may have trouble when attempting to redeem some of the codes we’ve shared above. The biggest problem with a code could be the developer has cycled it out for a new one, making the old one obsolete and no longer available. The developers regularly do this with many of their codes. You want to act fast when you see one and make sure you redeem it on your Roblox account before it goes away. The second reason is you could have already redeemed it on your Roblox account. Many Roblox Codes are only available to use once on your account.

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