How to get a Red Serpent Orb in Monster Hunter Rise

Look to the sky, and beware crimson.

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There are multiple resources and items for you to earn as you progress through Monster Hunter Rise. Each creature you face will have materials for you to harvest and bring back to the village to use at a crafting station, upgrading your armor or adding more deadly weapons to your arsenal. A notable item you will want to locate is the Red Serpent Orb. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a Red Serpent Orb in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Where to find the Red Serpent Orb

The only place where you can find the Red Serpent Orb is by hunting down the Crimson Glow Valstrax. This is an elder dragon, capable of appearing in any location in Monster Hunter Rise. You will need to reach Hunter Rank 100, which you can do by working through other hunts in the game, harvesting more resources, and using the best equipment for your character. We recommend finding Monster Hunter parties online with random players if you’re not actively working alongside friends to level up your character.

After accepting a Valstrax hunt and attempting to defeat it, the best way to harvest a Red Serpent Orb is to carve it from the body or tail, breaking a Valstrax’s chest or head, or causing it to flinch. There’s also a chance you can receive this item for completing the mission. However, all of these chances are extremely low, so you may have to go through multiple hunts against a Valstrax before receiving it. Additionally, you will want to avoid capturing a Valstrax as there are several chances for a Red Serpent Orb to drop by carving it, which you forgo if you put a trap down.

The Red Serpent Orb is used in crafting the Valstrax Greaves. You will also use it in the Valstrax weapon tree, which is available for every weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. We recommend you temper your expectations when trying to loot this item, given the low chances of it dropping.