How to get a viral video on YouTube in BitLife

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Image via Candywriter

The social media aspect of BitLife can be a good way for regular people to become famous. You can gain a massive number of subscriber followers by having an online personality if you’re dedicated, do it when you’re young, and you’re capable of creating fans. A good thing you can do is have a viral video happen on your channel. Viral videos give your social media page a huge boost of followers, making it much easier to gain thousands of views each time you post a video. The downside is trying to get viral videos to happen. It’s all pretty random.

You’ll receive a notification shortly after you’ve posted your video that it went viral. The notification details what the video was, that it went viral, and you’ll see the standard breakdown of how many viewers watched the video when it went live. The next thing you receive when you go up a year is a huge boost in followers, making it much easier to post videos and receive plenty of attention for them.

Much like viral videos in real life, the viral videos in BitLife are entirely random. There’s no exact formula to share that guarantees you a viral video when posting it to your social media channel. You will have no idea what will do well, but when it does happen, it’s always helpful. We have noticed that if you post a certain type of video more often and essentially make your core content for the channel, those have a higher chance of becoming viral. Try to find a type of video genre that fits your channel and your character, and eventually, a video will go viral.

Even though you can post as many videos as you like on your channel per year, we recommend stopping when you notice that fewer people are watching your videos and you start to use subscribers. If you do it too often, your total subscribers go down.