How to get a weapon in The Gunk

Don’t underestimate the power of crafting.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For the first two chapters of The Gunk, players will be left with just about nothing to defend themselves from the alien lifeforms protecting the strange planet. Even though the game’s control layout does mention a shooting button, the glove’s beginning capabilities only allow it to absorb foes. Luckily, protagonist Rani can soon obtain a useful cannon blaster once you’ve collected enough resources.

With each of Rani’s upgrades unlocking after you’ve scanned a particular amount of items, you’ll need to begin your search for a weapon by analyzing any new plants you discover throughout every environment. Eventually, the game will notify you of a Pulse Cannon being available at the workbench. Before heading back to the ship to build it, make sure you have the four pieces of alien resources needed to craft it.

After it is equipped, the Pulse Cannon can be fired by pressing LT and B on Xbox or with E and right-clicking the mouse on PC. Of course, the weapon is handy when pushing away enemies, but proves most crucial when attempting to unlock the doors of alien caves. The cannon itself even has an upgrade of its own, as Rani can unlock an ammo type that paralyzes nearby threats. As enticing as it sounds, this ability can only be crafted by sacrificing a whopping total of 10 metal, 30 fiber, and 15 alien resources.

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