How to find and collect fiber resources in The Gunk

Fungi hold the key to greater abilities.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As more valuable upgrades will demand a high number of rare resources, players in The Gunk will spend much of their time hunting for extra fiber. Like with the metal resource, fiber can be discovered throughout the game’s entire map. However, the item it comes from does tend to blend in with the environment, making it easy to miss. No matter, here’s how you can go about collecting it at a fast rate.

The only way you can discover this resource is after you have cleaned all the gunk from a given area. Directly after that, the environment will sprout vegetation all around you, with several plants for you to scan and absorb. As shown below, you’ll need to specifically search for fungi, like the Fungal Peppers and Angel Kernels, to extract fiber from.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When absorbed, a fungus will release typically three to five fiber resources, depending on its size. However, be sure to keep an eye on where the extracted fiber lands, as they scatter once a fungus is pulled from its roots. As it is hard to come by, players will need to think wisely on which upgrades they should spend them on. For instance, it will require almost 30 fiber to have top-notch abilities like the Momentum Oscillator and the Kevlar Fibre.

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