How to get a Zebra mount in Far Cry 6

It’s not a shark with a freaking laser on its head, but a zebra will suffice.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It might be a horse painted black and white, but this zebra mount in Far Cry 6 will make you stand out in the land of Yara and to your co-op buddies. While it gives no bonuses whatsoever, we still appreciate the aesthetic. It’s fairly easy to get the zebra mount too, so here’s how to ride into the sunset with a pseudo zebra.

In order to obtain the zebra mount in Far Cry 6, you will need to complete the Break the Chains mission from Talia and Paolo’s storyline. You can meet them in the Balacaras region, but we recommend you finish the Montero plot first as it’s easier for beginners. Regardless, the Break the Chains mission is one of the first objectives you’ll receive from Talia in order to gain her trust. Make sure you’re around Rank 6 to finish this mission as it may be tough otherwise.

She’ll be found on top of an amusement ride next to the Castillo National Zoo. Simply go up the ladder and interact with her to start the mission. In this instance, you’ll find out you’ll have to be stealthy. Equip a bow and arrow as that is the most optimally quiet weapon in the game. In Break the Chains, you’ll have to free seven different prisoners. Break the locks on each of the captivity doors to gain entry. Then, if a soldier is nearby the prisoner, try to get a headshot on them. As they’re not armored, it will be a one-hit kill. To free a prisoner, interact with their hands and hold the square button (or X on Xbox).

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are found out by the soldiers, try to protect the prisoners from being killed as they escape Castillo’s clutches. The soldiers will kill them on sight.

Once you found out all the lucky prisoners, go south of the cages until you find a central circular area. It’s just past the entrance. From there, you’ll find the leader of the area, who’s outlined in yellow. They will be the one who is carrying the keys to the security room. Take the guards and the officer out and unlock the security room with your newly found keys.

Once you’ve started downloading the security camera footage, reinforcements will start to arrive. Have a weapon that is great at close-range like the Streamline Moderne submachine gun or a good shotgun. Also, come packing a grenade launcher or RPG at the go for an incoming helicopter.

After this encounter, go to the entrance of the zoo and a cutscene will play with Talia. You can now access the zebra mount by going to the horse pickup station.