How to unlock the Streamline Moderne submachine gun in Far Cry 6

This SMG is the bee’s knees.

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The Streamline Moderne is a submachine gun within Far Cry 6 that can demolish enemy ranks in seconds. With a fantastic scope already on the gun and very high handling, you’ll be blitzing your way through Yara’s forces. You’ll be able to find it in a late-game enemy base.

You’ll be able to find the gun in the bunkers of FND 2nd Armored Division, which is north of Palma Forest, south of Oasis Plains, and southwest of the capital city Esperenza. You should be around Rank 6-10 to take out the base and claim it for yourself.

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Once you enter, try to find the lieutenant or officer of the base itself. They will be outlined in yellow and will have a name above their head. Remove them from the equation and pick up the bunker card key. That will be important. If you want to be sneaky, you can enter on the right side of the encampment. There should be a wooden plank within the metal walls. Melee it to remove the wood and enter on through.

While fighting the FND forces, make sure they don’t get into the tank inside the main building. This will make it much tougher for you in the long run. Once they’re settled, you’ll find the bunker on the outside of the perimeter. At the entrance facing the main flag, go left and down the hill. You’ll find a grey bunker entrance below. Enter inside and open up the door underneath your feet. Go through the bunker and on the last left, you’ll find a secret room. It’s a metal door with a keycard lock on the right. Use the keycard and enter.

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As you search the area, you’ll see a weapon box on a metal shelf. Open it to find the Streamline Moderne submachine gun. Like the Surf ‘n Turf assault rifle, it is a unique gun that can’t be modified.