How to get Aerith’s Bladed Staff in Final Fantasy VII Remake

If you can’t buy it, steal it from a boss.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Image via Square Enix

The weapons throughout Final Fantasy VII Remake all offer something different for every character. While one weapon may act as a good all-rounder, such as Cloud’s Buster Sword, others allow you to prioritize certain aspects of a character’s game, such as the Metal Knuckles that play to Tifa’s high attacking power, or the Mythril Staff that strengthens Aerith’s magic power further.

However, one weapon that is easy to miss during a playthrough is the Bladed Staff. It’s one of the most unique weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake because it is the only weapon that is not obtained by picking it up in a chest or through one of the shop vendors. In fact, if you didn’t pay attention during all of the boss fights, it’s very easy to miss completely. 

The weapon can only be obtained one way, and that’s by stealing it from a boss. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Bladed Staff
Image via Square Enix

To obtain the Bladed Staff for Aerith, you must go to Chapter 11, which takes place throughout at the Train Graveyard. Firstly, you must fight your way through the level until you start to get close to the Sector 7 pillar. At the very end of the chapter, a cutscene causes Aerith to split from the group temporarily before coming together again for a boss fight with Eligor, the specter that rides in a skeletal horse and carriage and wields a staff that happens to be what you want to steal.

Before the fight, make sure that you have the Steal materia equipped. If you don’t have this equipped when the fight starts, you can restart from the last fight within the menu and it should take you out to just before the fight.

The Steal materia is not a certain hit, so it’s like that you will have multiple failed attempts at stealing it. As she is the most nimble, but probably of the least use in the fight due to the boss’s resistances, Tifa is the best one to be doing the stealing. Eligor does not need to be staggered to steal it, but with enough attempts, you should be able to take it from his grasp and now you will have the Bladed Staff for Aerith at the conclusion of the fight. 

Its ability, Lustrous Shield, can be very useful later in the game against projectile heavy enemies and bosses, so it’s worth grabbing for this, even if the base weapon stats are less impressive.