How to get all six endings in Life is Strange: True Colors

Should Alex leave Haven or stay in her new home?


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Life is quite different for Alex as she explores the town of Haven Springs, Colorado during the events of Life is Strange: True Colors. She meets tons of new people and makes some great relationships that will last her a lifetime. The decisions that are made throughout the game ultimately leads to what happens when you make that all-important final decision in the game. While Alex and Gabe have a heartwarming reunion on the roof of the bar, Alex has one final decision to make. Should she leave Haven Springs to pursue her music career or should she stay in her new home?

Stay in haven (No relationship)

During chapter four, Alex can choose to romance either Steph or Ryan. This is done by picking up a rose and giving it to one of them. Whoever you choose will meet Alex on the roof of the Black Lantern. If you choose not to give a rose to either of them, Alex won’t get romantically involved with anyone. In the end, Alex will stay in Haven and Steph will end up leaving. At least she leaves the record store to you.

Seek adventure (No relationship)

There are many relationships that can form throughout the game with Charlotte, Deputy Pike, and Eleanor being some of them. If Alex is in good standing with them at the end of the game, they will all appear at the bus stop as Alex leaves Haven to pursue her career in music.

Stay in haven with Steph

If you decide to pursue a romantic relationship with Steph, she will stay in Haven. This ending will also lead to a montage of moments that show Alex and Steph building a life together in the small mountain town.

Seek adventure with Steph

Just like when leaving Haven, Alex can have the various residents of Haven be at the bus stop as she and Steph leave town to pursue a career in music. Unfortunately, Steph doesn’t join you on stage as she did at the Spring Festival, but she does send Alex a supportive text before performing on stage. Pictures of Steph will also be in Alex’s guitar case.

Stay in Haven with Ryan

Just like with the Steph choice, you will need to romantically pursue Ryan by giving him a rose in chapter four. Depending on how the ending goes, you may also need to forgive him after he doesn’t believe Alex’s accusation of Jed. This ending leads to a similar route as staying with Steph where Alex and Ryan build a life together in Haven.

Seek adventure with Ryan

Seeking adventure with Ryan leads to the same path as Steph. Alex and Ryan will board a bus together and Ryan will send Alex a supportive text before her big show. Pictures of Ryan can also be seen in Alex’s guitar case.