How to get all three challenge badges for the Monsters Within Event in Apex Legends

One challenge each week.

Monsters Within 3 Badges

Image via Respawn

Completing three challenges to get badges has become pretty standard in special events in Apex Legends. However, for the Monsters Within event, the challenges will happen week by week, and if you don’t unlock the badge during that week, then you miss out on it. Monsters Within is the second event to have its badge process work this way, the first being the Thrillseekers event from back in July 2021. This type of badge challenge seems unique to the three-week event format, as no two-week or four-week events have implemented it yet.

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All Monsters Within Event Badges

All three challenges are related to Arenas, as Thrillseekers is an Arenas event.

Monsters Within Ripper (Week 1 Badge)

Play 20 Arenas games during Week 1 of the Monsters Within Event

Available from October 12 to October 19.

Monsters Within Beast (Week 2 Badge)

Get 50 Knockdowns in Battle Royale during Week 2 of the Monsters Within Event

Available from October 19 to October 26.

Monsters Within Kaiju (Week 3 Badge)

Deal 12,000 Damage in Arenas during Week 3 of the Monsters Within Event

Available from October 26 to November 2.

The Monsters Within event runs from October 12 until November 2.